Freelance Photographer: Reportage Business Profiles: Commercial art work Images: Entertainment Industry Promotional and Live shots

   Welcome to my new website. Born in Canada, I can now be found residing in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. Photography has followed me here and capturing imagery in business, entertainment and personal work I continue looking for creative solutions for each individual client.

  My passion is best found in my reportage work as the honesty of true moments can convey so much to others. Capturing my subjects while they are live on stage or interacting a business meeting these photographs tell their own story.  Photographing in this way allows my clients to relax and enjoy the experience. 

I have worked with some amazing people and created some lasting memories. Photography is a personal experience and working together creating the imagery which best represents their vision is always priority.  Please feel free to look through my portfolio and drop me a line if you have any question or just want to get in touch.

Trudy Stade